About Mixed Space

Mixed Space is a blog sharing true stories from the mixed race community*. This is a place where real people post real stories on living life where racial/ethnic boundaries are blurred and worlds can safely collide. This blog answers the question, “What is it like to be mixed race?” Our stories don’t just give you a window into the experience – you are welcomed into the Space.

This is a place where we can all be encouraged to discover new truths about this growing multiracial/mixed-race population, and be challenged to reevaluate current and previously held beliefs. All aspects of our experience will be shared here! We are multi-layered, our presence is multicausal, our opinions are multilateral. And, depending on how you look at this population, we are multitudinous! (Ok, we’re done with the “multi” words)

*Mixed race refers to people of two or more racial/ethnic backgrounds. The mixed race community includes mixed race people, interracial couples, transracially adopted families and anyone else who navigates two or more worlds at once.